Our brand, is based in Manchester United Kingdom and we manufacture for our clients across the UK and Europe with our unique designs and products. We have been running for 6 years and have advanced our business strategies as time has gone on. We firstly started with our leggings but we have expanded our creative studios to a bigger team in 2017. Where we give reliable services to our clients which are photography, videography, graphic designs and product development.

We can create different designs and products for our clients with our in-house designer and business team that allow our clients to have a pattern and product exclusive to their brand. We call this a Bespoke service; we have done several bespoke projects over 2018. Which you can get involved in this coming 2019.

Or we have our in-stock warehouse, where you can hand pick different designs that we stock and have them sent straight to you once the order has been made.

We create new collections to fit the trends every month. We always have something new for our clients. With our creative studios opening we have been able to advance our business strategies as we have a product or design for every business as we have over 3000 designs placed on a variety of our products.

We also have over 15 product lines. (Leggings, Panties, Coin Purses, Makeup Bags, Purses, Backpacks, Mini Backpacks, Eye Masks, Pyjamas, Bodysuit, Swimwear and many more) and we are still creating new ones every day.

Our lead times are efficient and reliable to the client as well, as it takes us to create and mass produce our products in 4-5 weeks and we also give our clients competitive prices and we are very confident that this will benefit to your company and enhance your success.

Our regular leggings start at £3.75 and we have some products at £1.95 and under. Our product prices range from £0.30 - £6.50 whole sale price.