Our fabric begins its journey on the industrial looms. We combine 88% polyester with 12% elastane ensuring our leggings are super stretchy and durable.
Secondly our fabric is whitened to ensure our graphics are printed on the best quality white - meaning we achieve the brightest print.

After this; the fabric is double brushed - this give our leggings a super soft feel.
Once our fabric is washed, it is sent to our print factory. Here the fabric is cut into their prospective production patterns and stacked ready to be printed on.
We boast over twelve digital printers on our production line. This means we can print many orders at one time making sure your order is efficient and reaching the sublimation machine on time.

We have two large sublimation machines in our factory. They are heated at over 200 degrees Celsius. The printed paper rolls unfurl along the production line and our staff place the fabric production template over the printed graphic; this in turn glides down the production line where it is rolled into heated roller which press the sublimation inks from the paper to the fabric. The completed garments piece then moves down towards a third member of staff who places it in a basket ready for garment assembly.

During garment assembly, our staff stitch the garment pieces together to create a final product.
Once the garment is ready for quality control, our staff check over the garments ready for packaging.